survey survey survey (bokkus) wrote in robot_jox,
survey survey survey

for those of ya not on ross's friends list

4.3.02 Playlist

Real Life::Send Me an Angel
International Noise Conspiracy::Capitalism Stole My Virginity
Reggie & the Full Effect::Girl, Why'd You Run Away?
Groceries::Kama Sutra for Virgins
Cue Estey::Lock Stock
Oasis::The Hindu Times
Travis::Why Does it Always Rain on Me
Dead Prez::Wolves
Nirvana::Drain You
Rakim::When Im Flowin'
The Beans::Pop Song
Flogging Molly::Swagger
Race Car Riot::Raincheck
Type O Negative::Cinnamon Girl
The Strokes::Soma
..Trail of Dead::Homage
The White Stripes::Dead Leaves on a Dirty Ground
Mates of State::Uber Legitimate
Seafood::Pleasure Lead
At the Drive-In::something off the In-Casino-Out album
Appleseed Cast::Forever Longing the Golden Sun
Tahiti 80::Love from Outerspace
Pedro the Lion::Magazine
Piebald::Kind of the Road
*Owls::What Whorse You Wrote Id On
Plastic Mastery::Starting Now
The Monorail::The Shizampah
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