survey survey survey (bokkus) wrote in robot_jox,
survey survey survey

Robot Jox show 2 for sunday

Appleseed Cast::Forever Longing the Golden Sun

At The Drive-In::Star Slight

Idlewild::When I Argue I see Shapes

Owls::Everyone is my Friend

Piebald::They don't Unerstand Us at the Academy

Elf Power::The Naughty Villain

Saves The Day::At Your Funeral

Alkaline Trio::Hell Yes

The Cure::A Forest (acoustic)

Jimmy Eat World::Ramina

Mates of State::Hoarding it for Home

The Beatles::Two of Us

*Cubic Feet::All I want

The Smiths::Bigmouth Strikes Again

Jimmy Eat World::Your New Aesthtic


Travis::Why Does it Always Rain on Me

Dashboard Confessional::The Best Deceptions


Neutral Milk Hotel::the Aeroplane over the Sea

Ani Difranco::School Night

Tribe Called Quest::The Chase part II

Bitch and Animal::Ganja

Discount::KV t-shirt

Containe::The Shy Song

Trail of Dead::Mistakes and Regrets

Weezer::Sandwiches Time (non-falsetto)


Stars::This Very Things

At the Drive-In::Invalid Letter Dept.

The Monorail::Busy Mess Stress Test

Heiroglyphics::You Never Knew

Koufax::Going to Happen

Dismemberment Plan::What do you want me to say?

The Anniversary::Sweet Marie

Neutral Milk Hotel::I love how you love me

Gomez::Pop Juice

Styx::Mr. Roboto
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